Monday, February 1, 2010

Toddler Genital Pictures Sore On Genital (female Toddler) - Treatment/soother?

Sore on genital (female toddler) - treatment/soother? - toddler genital pictures

This seems a little worse than I could, but my daughter has a little pain in the genital area - very close to the opening of the urethra - which seems of diaper rash or scratches himself to be the same. I was wondering if anyone's a proven method to mitigate this and / or heal quickly - every time you urinate, it is very painful. I put Aquaphor on what does not include pain and hate to see my child pain. Any help is welcome.


ekhawk1 said...

We have the ointment with pain reliever in it. How would you use for a cut or scrap. My daughter has a diaper rash very painful, and it helped the cream between the layers.

Anne said...

Find something like Neosporin has an analgesic in it and use it. Use at every diaper change to ensure that they are not washed. If not better after a day or two, take her to the doctor.

BOsKO said...

Buttpaste is good, you can get it at Walmart, and you can get it as a shampoo.

but in reality it is a question for your doctor. It is to be sure what to use.

stargirl... said...

Layer of cream on, and it should soon disappear

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